Some people are afraid of spiders, porcelain dolls, and heights. But, more common than those fears are the psychological ones, like the fear of going out, or the fear of meeting new people. This article outlines 4 things you might be afraid of, but shouldn’t be, and how you can overcome them.
Standing Up for What You Believe In
Friends, families, even strangers, have varied opinions—ones that are different from your own. And sometimes these opinions clash. But that shouldn’t make you afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Don’t be obnoxious about it—but don’t let people push you around either. When a topic of conversation comes up where an opinion is asked, you should feel that you have the freedom to express your beliefs.
Making New Friends
Never, ever be afraid to connect with someone. Making new friends gives you all the more people to love and care about. Which boosts your self-esteem, confidence, and happiness hormones, like serotonin and endorphins. You should allow yourself to get to know people because you never know when someone could become your best friend, confidante, and lifelong loved one.
Exploring the World Outside of Your Hometown
Some people are afraid to explore the world outside of their hometown because of all the negatives they hear come through the news and social media networks. Stories of robberies and general violence seem to be the news station norms, but that’s not all the world offers. Take a chance on exploration of somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit. You can start small, like another state or one of the beautiful resorts in Palm Springs, or even a close city would do–but get out there and experience more than what you know.
Letting Go of Toxic People and Situations in Your Life
Most people don’t want to cut someone out of their life, especially if they’ve known that person for years, or even decades. And those same people have a hard time letting of past guilts. However, these kinds of toxicities are poison to your life. You can’t move forward without letting go of the things that hold you back—toxic people included. If someone is dragging you down, or a situation makes it harder for you to move forward, let go. Put those people and things truly in your past, and walk away.
There are thousands of things in this world for you to be afraid of, but most of them are unnecessary, and even irrational, fears. And, as you’ve heard, the best ways to overcome those fears is to face them, stand up to them, then move them aside so you can move forward as a better, less fearful person.