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Top 9 Programming Languages For Artificial Intelligence Blog

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This low barrier to entry is important because many data scientists and analysts working with AI don’t have a programming background. Lisp is the second-oldest high-level programming language still widely used today. Lisp has been around since the 60s and has been widely used for scientific research in the fields of natural languages, theorem proofs, and solving artificial intelligence problems. Lisp was originally created as a practical mathematical notation for programs, but eventually became a top choice of developers in the field of AI.

Why is Python Preferred for Artificial Intelligence Programming?

Python is preferred for AI programming because it is easy to learn and has a large community of developers. Quite a few AI platforms have been developed in Python—and it’s easier for non-programmers and scientists to understand.

AI allows organizations big and small to save time and money by automating and optimizing routine business processes. Recent research suggests that a growing number of companies are using AI for multiple core business practices, including enhancing workforce and customer experiences. Overall, it represents everything as symbolic expressions, making it easier to develop intelligent systems with any data type.

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Its name is simply an abbreviation of the term ‘list …