NBA 2K21 – Update 7 For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Is Here


NBA 2K21 Update 7 comes with a few fixes for MyTeam regarding Dark Matter cards and updates that add decorations to the 2K Beach.

NBA 2K21 Update 7 is now live. The patch is first applied to the game version on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available for the other platforms later. Update 7 is not big. It takes care of a series of issues and adds some new features. Let’s see what Update 7 brings for NBA 2K21. There are two general updates and several MyTeam fixes. We will start with general ones.

Head over to the 2K Beach and you will notice that something has changed. This area now features a 2K Foundation Inspired court. The 2K Beach was also adorned with some seasonal decorations. This is a possible indication that something is coming our way. It could be a new game event. All we can do at this point is to just wait for more news. NBA 2K21 is a realistic basketball simulation. The NBA players are recreated in the game to be as close to the real person as possible. We are not just talking about their performance and attributes. The in-game players’ avatars resemble the real NBA stars. In a continued effort to make the game as real as possible, the development team has improved the players’ likenesses for some of the NBA athletes. These are all the general updates. Now, let’s review the MyTeam fixes. This is one of the most popular game modes so the development team is always working to make it a better experience for the players.

Dark Matter player item cards are among the latest MyTeam additions. They are part of Season 5: Age of Heroes. There was an issue with these cards. When the players opened the packs, the player was not shown. This issue was fixed with Update 7. Another issue with Dark Matter cards referred to the animation. There was a problem with the audio but it was fixed. These were not game-breaking bugs but they make the pack opening experience better. In addition, players can enjoy the card art. Some of the playbook cards were not displaying the name correctly. Update 7 takes care of this issue. The last update refers to some preparations. New additions are coming to MyTeam in the future so some preparations were in order. We are eager to see what the future holds for this beloved game mode. Not that we don’t have a lot on our plate right now. Season 5: Age of Heroes is currently going on and there are plenty of things to do and rewards to acquire.

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