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The EFJ place paper highlights several points related to the dearth of harmonisation of money fee limits at EU level. The most notable concern for the sector is the different most thresholds for cash payments in business-to-consumer transactions. Moreover, cash restriction limits usually differ additionally throughout the Member States creating unjustified discriminations between residents and non-residents.

Gorjana is a luxurious goods company specializing in necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The representatives of the European Commission welcomed warmly the EFJ and have been joyful to get information on this high value sector. This first day of fruitful meetings set the inspiration for a deeper involvement of the Federation in the European scene. The EFJ paper additionally underlines that cash remains the preferred type of payments within the Euro space as a outcome of it protects the users’ privacy and personal information, it is universally accepted, costless and flexible. Moreover, money allows the quick closure of payments whereas digital transactions may be cancelled and are more exposed to external constraints similar to technical problems or hacking.

Of The World’s Cutters Are In India

The regional inhabitants typically tends to spend on nice jewelry as a way of investment which is further propelled …