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Content ranges from in-depth collection on technical expertise, to how-to guides for beginners. Photography Week is a digital magazineWhile not technically an internet site, Photography Week is a digital magazine, so we’re including it right here. Packed with beautiful images, it provides heaps of recent inspiration every week.

Ten Classic Olympus Movie Cameras

Finding the most influential photography blogs is not any simple task. It’s all about discovering the most popular blogs and most gifted photographers. Photographer and blogger Feroz Khan took a particular interest in how the occasions of the previous week unfolded.

Hasselblad unveils the latest addition to its X System medium format lens lineup, the XCD 28mm F4 P. This travel-friendly 22mm-equivalent prime is the smallest and lightest lens in the system. The internet began as a method of connecting governments and universities and has grown into an omnipresent pressure that has refined human historical past and our daily lives. It’s also getting older, starting to neglect and rotting from the within and taking all our photographs, videos and text with it.

Generative AI has been described as a Cambrian explosion of capability, and what we’ve seen thus far is nearly definitely just the start. The advances …