Why are scarves popular in soccer?


From grandma’s neck-warmer to fashionable fan accessories. The history of sport scarves dates back almost to the beginning of professional soccer. Today, it is hard to imagine football stadiums without this gadget. But how did the scarf-mania start? Find out why soccer scarves are so popular in the fan community today.

It all started because of the English weather…

When it comes to the exact date, opinions are divided here: some indicate that the beginning of sports scarves was the mid-nineteenth century, although according to others, it was the early 1900s. However, everyone agrees that the homeland of these accessories was Great Britain. The characteristic English weather forced fans visiting matches to dress appropriately. Hats and warm scarves were obligatory elements of clothing then. They were often made of wool by mothers, grandmothers, or wives.

Initially, fans showed support for their favorites with neckties or pieces of fabric in given colors. The functionality of a scarf was quickly combined with accessories showing attachment to a particular fan club. Moms and wives got a new task: to knit scarves in specific colors. The idea quickly caught on and spread among fans from Great Britain and around the soccer world.

Club crests and colors above all

Many decades have passed since the days of hand-knitted soccer scarves. The fact that scarves are popular among fans from countries such as Germany, France, Brazil, the USA or South Africa shows that warming properties are no longer the most important aspect. The scarf has become an attribute of commitment. Worn around the neck, held over one’s head… the most important thing about this gadget is the design.

The universal dimensions of the scarf are 56″ x 6.9″, with fringes on both sides. The middle of the piece of fabric is usually decorated with the name of the club (or country) and at the ends you can see the official crest.

It is also possible to personalize such an accessory. Fan clubs can order gadgets for their teams, including the small local ones, or decide to put the names of its members on them.

Scarf – an irreplaceable attribute of a soccer fan

Soccer gadgets have come a long way since woolen neck-warmers. However, today’s scarves still largely refer to tradition. The scarves are made of acrylic, and the work of hands was replaced by knitting machines, but the final look and design is a tribute to the classic versions from years ago. Modern methods of production allow you to obtain high-resolution graphics.

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